ASTIR continues the tradition of our family business, founded in Thessaloniki, Greece. For over 40 years the company imports, and distributes wooden stick products including:













We always give priority to the needs and requirements of our customers. Our mission is to offer high quality products at affordable prices and at reasonable delivery time

We can offer our products to companies of food, medical, hygiene, spa, and cosmetic items across Greece and Europe.



Ice cream sticks: We can customize ice cream sticks tailored to each company in various dimensions, unprinted or have them hot-stamped with phrases such as vanilla, cocoa, strawberry, 0%, or with a custom logo.



Tongue Depressors: We can supply sterilized or non-sterilized wooden tongue depressors in different sizes and packages. 



Enviromental Impact: Shoule you use plastic or wood? Production and disposal of wooden sticks have a smaller impact on our environment. 

After studying,  the steps of production, use and disposal of sticks, plastic has proven to pollute the environment to a greater extent.