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About Us

Starting as a small family business in the 1950’s, ASTIR has now grown into providing ice cream sticks, bamboo skewers and wooden utensils to companies all over Greece and to many countries worldwide. We pride ourselves in being one of the first company in Greece to promote compostable and sustainable alternatives to plastic.  


Our range of products includes wooden ice cream sticks, bamboo skewers, wooden and bamboo toothpicks, wooden coffee stirrers, tongue depressors, wooden spatulas for cosmetics and more. We are equipped to accommodate any order size, from one box to wholesale orders of over 500 cartons, within Greece as well as Europe and beyond. Friendly customer service, high quality products, low prices and fast transportation are always our top priorities. 


Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable world for our future, to provide 100% natural, renewable and compostable solutions to the ever-growing demand for single-use disposable utensils and sticks. 

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